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We are a big bunch of creative, dynamic people working at Bayan-Group Ad Agency.   For us every minute counts and we carry the full service banner of One Stop Shop, simply because whatever you advertising needs are,  we can tell you,  we have it all and we can do it all!  We love challenge as well. Everyone knows in the advertising business that your message should be concise, memorable, effective and dynamic!  What everyone cannot do is adding the spices of innovation and creativity and the fine meat of "Expertise" to advertising messages and that is what we do at Bayan-Group.   After fifteen years in the filed we easily offer you a synchronized set of services and media strategies that meets your business needs.  We know exactly how to bring your messages to the spotlight; we make it very simple, your target market can never escape what you want them to know.


There are so many ways to tell you the nitty-gritty of who we are.

Bayan-Group is a full-service marketing and communications agency based in Aleppo, Syria and established in 1996. Bayan-Group is supported by a deep foundation of strategic thinking, planning innovativeness.


We work with a whole web of integrated communications services spanning both the digital and traditional media across Syria; the completeness of what we offer is rarely available in other agencies.  We proactively manage local, and national advertising campaigns for our clients.  

We love diversity and we serve a wide spectrum of clients and we help launch, their products, develop their brands, and create brand identity, by actively collaborating traditional media solutions with digital ones.

One thing about us is we are very honest, we try to be objective with every client and we tell you what you need to hear and not what you like to hear. We simply tell you the truth about your business and find you solutions in that light.



What makes us Unique? Exclusive Commercial Advertising Agents:

No one can get you what we have! From the early days of the establishment of our ad agency we built a reputation of excellence that made us become exclusive agents for many communications and commercial advertising companies:

- 2005 Syria Al Ghad exclusive agent in northern Syria www.syriaalghad.fm

- 2003 Agent for SAAB International.

- 2003 A step out of Syria Bayan-Group exclusive agent for the Sawat El Ghad, Radio Delta, Radio One Lebanon.

- 2002 Agent for the Arab Advertising Association, the only to be licensed in Aleppo by the Syrian government to control advertising activities selling ad spaces in the government radio and TV stations, Newspapers etc…

- 2001 Member of the Advertising Society of the Middle East.

- 1997 exclusive agent for “Kawalys” in northern Syria, Kawalys is the first Billboard Ad Company in Syria.


Types of Media we work with

Radio and TV.

Print Media.




Questions you have!

Do you buy media?


Do you do account planning?


Market research?




Do you do PR?

Absolutely, in fact we have years of experience in external Public Relations and internal communications.


Fees and Charging:

Our fees vary according to the scope and complexity of your Integrated Marketing Campaign. After we have met with you and discussed your requirements, we prepare a full proposal and timetable, as well as a quote for your consideration.

For any other questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Our Services:


Whether your aim is to maximize existing revenue streams or exploit new ones, our experienced team in the advertising department will help you explore the benefits and value of your product and realize the full potential of your business. From complex marketing campaigns to the development of your brand, we will devise a strategy that meets and exceeds your business objectives.


Media Planning and Placement:

Get your promotional message across at the convenience of your customers, isn't that what your business needs? Your customers cannot walk alone in the maze of constant noise and cluttered messages. Oh well! Competition is fierce. For us, that is simple! We carefully build you a media strategy to get your clear, concise and comprehensive message right to the eyes and ears of your customers.  We have the experience to help you make the most strategic, cost-effective with maximum impact media strategy tailored to reach the primary influencers in your product's purchasing decision. What makes us unique is that we have a broad base in dealing and being and exclusive agent for many private and governmental and private media outlets inside and outside Syria. Thus, our account planners are always at the top of the latest media developments. They are present at each step of the media strategy planning and placement process. They are experts on how, when, where, what time and to whom your business promotional message should be placed.



How can we help your radio ads?

Other than being exclusive agents for different radio stations, by working closely with Maestro, the most revered Music Studio in Aleppo, we can help you create, and record jingles and radio ads with very high quality sounds. All you have to do now is to check Maestro's website at



Brand Building and Brand Development:

Products are yelling! I am on sale; you can have me for a discount! The cheaper the better don’t think twice! Your customers don’t even bother with this clutter; they single-mindedly want your product, because they love your brand. At Bayan-Group, we work hard to develop and build your Brand in the market. Our team implements highly creative tactics to achieve this goal. We bears in mind that strong Brands has the power to increase sales, influence earnings and make your company's value always at the top of  the hearts and minds of your customers. Our ad agency and creative team work closely together to make your brand and corporate ID two faces for the same coin.


Stationary & Corporate ID,

Their eyes glitter whenever they see it, they are your customers, it is your corporate ID. Your business has an unforgettable impression; now, they know who you are wherever you go.  That is what Bayan-Group creative team aims for; design Corporate IDs that sets you apart from the rest in the eyes of your clients.

-Logo and taglines design and development

-Stationary: Letterheads, business cards, folders collaterals and much more please check our creative gallery.



Packaging/ Posters/ Brochures/ad designs:

Back again to creativity. We're firm believers in integrating your branding into every piece of communications we produce for you.  Our creative team professionally and innovatively designs your packages, posters, brochures, ads, fliers, and much more. Our creative gallery speaks for us, just check it now.    

Creative Gallery (link)

Divide the link into (collaterals, packages, posters, stationary and Corporate ID and logos.



Billboard Advertising:

LOOK Billboard advertising:

Look and let your customers keep looking, at your ads of course! With Look Bayan-Group's own Billboard Company. LOOK is 180cm x 120cm flex printed faces with a back light now available in Aleppo, and you know we call it the The Right to Choose to send your advertising  massage to consumers. Look Billboards are composed of 40 networks each network includes 5 ad faces distributed to be eye catching and simply visible to all consumers.


Kawalys Billboard advertising:

As we always want the best for our clients we always work with best billboard companies. Kawalys billboards (3*4 m.) that is distributed in the most crucial areas inside and outside the Syrian cities.



Pharmaceutical Advertising:

One of our favorite clients are in the pharmaceutical industry , in 1998 BAYAN-GROUP Established a medical advertising section, under the supervision of a specialized doctors to elaborate medical brochures and develop advertising ideas and designs compatible with both the advertising and Pharmaceutical.


SAAB International Diaries Exclusive Agent:

Remember we are SAAB international Exclusive Agents in northern Syria. So if you want unique luxurious looking leather made agendas with unmatched printing and binding quality you're absolutely hitting the right place, you just have to contact us.    


Store of Fine Arts:

At Bayan-Group we breathe art and creativity and we are proud to present authentic paintings of some of the finest Syrian painters. Please go ahead and check the versatility of the painting ranging from abstract, expressionism, surrealism, modern, Still life and much more. We mainly focus on oil paintings, 



Note: with the notes of the artists we deal with divide the painting in accordance into types



Landscape ……..


Biographies (of the finest artists):


How to Buy:

If you decided to purchase some artwork from the Bayan-Group Store of Fine Arts

The process of purchasing is very simple:


Interested in sponsoring painting expositions:

If you would like to sponsor an art exposition you can contact: