- General History

- Bayan-Group in a Snapshot

- Attended Exhibitions

- Mission statement

General History:

More than a decade ago in 1992, the Deiri Family had a vision of pioneering the printing market and they proudly launched one of the most revered printing houses in the City of Aleppo. By Offering cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled high quality work, in the printing market, Bayan Printing House rapidly became and indispensable name for the industry in Aleppo. Soon after, in 1993, the company under the name of Bayan-Group started its journey of expansion into the world of unlimited creativity by offering an extensive range of advertising, marketing, and graphic design services. In 1996, Bayan-Group successfully started its independent advertising agency. Bayan-Group expansion as a company both inside and outside Syria continues till today. Bayan-Groupís faithful and unmatched commitment to satisfying the wants and needs and its solid experience in the local market has made the company itself a brand name in Syria.
In 1999, The Syrian European Business Center provided Bayan-Group with a subsidy form the European Union to restructure the company management and train the staff on the European Union Standards in the work environment. Bayan-Group has become the first company in Syria to apply the EU standards.
Now, Bayan-Group accounts for more than half of the market share of the industry in Aleppo and the Company takes legitimate pride for being described as one the most relied on companies for Syrian businesses and business activities. Our ultimate objective at Bayan-Group is to guide your business needs from the early stages of conceptualization of ideas through the process of actualization and implementation.


Bayan-Group in a Snapshot:

- 2006 Syria Al-Ghad Radio Station exclusive agent in northern Syria.

- 2004 Bayan-Group Builds its own LOOK billboard company of 40 networks each with 5 advertising faces.

- 2003 Bayan-Group a step out of Syria, becomes an exclusive agent for many Radio Stations Sawt El-Ghad, Radio One Lebanon, Syria FM Sawt El-Shabab.

- 2003 Exclusive agents for SAAB International Diaries.

- 2002 Bayan-Group the first agent of Arab Advertising Association.

- 2001 Bayan-Group sponsored the art director to attend courses in the business of art in the United States.

- 2000 Participation in First Engineering Exhibition, Agricultural Exhibition, Food and Packaging Exhibition, and the third  comprehensive International Economic Exhibition in Syria.

- 2000 Second Fashion Exhibition.

- 1999 Subsidy by the EU through the Syrian European Center to restructure Bayan-Group according to the EU standards.

- 1999 Bayan-Group Staff is retrained in marketing, finance, and sales under the Supervision of the Syrian European Business Center.

- 1999 Expansion of the Creative Department and the Printing House to design and print Kawalise Billboard Ads.

- 1998 Designing and printing the monthly magazine of the Aleppo Association of Engineers.

- 1998 Medical Advertising Department under the supervision of specialized physician.

- 1998 First Fashion Exhibition in Aleppo.

- 1997 "Snob" Lebanese Journal approves Bayan-Group Designs.

- 1997 Kawalys exclusive agent in northern Syria.

- 1996 The Establishment of Bayan-Group Advertising Agency.

- 1993 The Establishment of Digitized Graphic Design Department.

- 1992 The Establishment of Bayan Printing House as the first stone of the Bayan.


Attended Exhibitions:

- 2001 Attending the second agricultural exhibition in Aleppo.

- 2000 Attending the first engineering exhibition in Aleppo.

- Attending the first Agricultural exhibition in Aleppo.

- Attending the first Food and Packaging exhibition in Aleppo.

- Attending the third comprehensive international economic exhibition in SYRIA.

- 1999 The second FASHION exhibition.

- 1998 The first fashion Exhibition in Aleppo.


Mission statement:

Faithful work, high quality and commitment and creativity are at the heart of Bayan-Groupís mission statement. We care for clientís wants and needs and we work day and night to ensure transferring their ideas into the real world. Our ultimate pleasure is to offer high quality services and solutions that make your business satisfied.